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We are a full service machine shop, proudly located in Tulsa, OK.

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Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Services

All our machines are CNC, a total of 8 machines, 3 and 4-axis machines, and CNC lathes with live tooling capabilities. These machines run off CAD (computer-aided drawings) designed specifically for your custom part. All our CNC machines are designed to cut material to your specifications within tenths of your exact measurement.


A press brake can usually bend sheet or plate material anywhere from 0° to 180°. It has a V-top-shaped die pressed by a bottom punch. Our machinists calculate the correct formula to run in order to create the desired bend on your part. We have an Amanda RG50 press brake with the capability of 60″ x 50 tons.


A water jet uses a high-pressure water stream mixed with garnet (a sand-like mixture) to cut any type of material. We can cut metal, wood, rubber, and plastic, plus the capability to cut materials as large as 50″ x 120″ on our 5-axis water jet. We can create a custom part for you in CAD (computer-aided drawing) or you can provide us with your own part drawing or JPEG image for us to create your desired part.


Our newest service we provide is a powder coat booth—a 4′ x 4′ x 6′ booth with several color options available, providing a more durable finish than using liquid paint. Powder coating works by using an ESD system (Electrostatic Spray Deposition) which adheres the powder to a metal surface. The item is then placed in a curing oven turning the powder into long molecular chains resulting in a high link cross density that adheres to the metal part creating a high-quality finish.

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